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Currently limited to desktop systems and definitely in Beta, this is a test of a system that is still in development. If you have any feedback let me know at the noaudiophile subreddit.

Systems are ranked by best sound, and will not show listings that cost more but offer worse sound. All recommended items have been tested except for 12 and 15 inch subwoofers as well as the SMSL Q5 pro amp. Some recommendations are based on applying DSP correction this applies to the Micca and Fluance speakers specifically, but system specific subwoofer settings are planned in the future.

Limiting the size of the speaker will show additional systems which may be hidden because of their price/performance ratio. Prices are updated every hour for most items, some that require manual maintenance are checked daily. All measurements are in inches.


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Vanatoo Transparent Ones
USB Type A plug to USB Type B plug Cable$5.27
Vantoo Transparent One$499.00
Total: $504.27
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JBL LSR305 with DAC
Included USB Type A plug to USB Type B plug Cable$0.00
Lexicon Alpha DAC$69.95
Balanced TRS Patch Cable$5.95
JBL LSR305$238.00
Total: $319.85
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1/8-inch headphone to Dual 1/4 in TS$8.93
JBL LSR305$238.00
Total: $246.93
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Pioneer BS-22 with DAC
1/8-inch headphone to RCA Stereo$6.85
Behringer UCA202 DAC$28.93
RCA Stereo Patch Cable$6.03
SMSL SA-50$72.99
Speaker Wire$9.29
Pioneer BS-22$117.98
Total: $242.07
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Definitive Technology Incline
Included USB Type A plug to USB Type B plug Cable$0.00
Definitive Technology Incline$199.00
Total: $199.00
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Swan D1010-IV
Included 1/8-inch headphone to RCA Stereo$0.00
Swan D1010-IV$99.99
Total: $99.99
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