NoAudiophile DSP Corrections for the AudioEngine A2+

You can use Equalizer APO for PC to apply this setting to your Windows PC at a system level. For Mac you can try this out choosing the parametric EQ option and entering the filters by hand. If you are a Linux user and the chops to prove it, this is a good solution for System Wide DSP.

AudioEngine A2+ - 7/7/2015

Gains headroom by cutting bass that it can't do anyway and gets rid of the bass distortion at higher volumes. Flattens the response removing most of the muffle/honking from the lower midrange which increasing vocal clarity, and adds as much little real bass as I could get out of them. Overall verdict is that with the DSP correction they are good little speakers that double as desk fans. The port turbulence is hilarious.

Click the image to download the correction file.

Give feedback on this correction here at the noaudiophile subreddit

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