NoAudiophile DSP Correction for the ELAC B5.2

You can use Equalizer APO for PC to apply this setting to your Windows PC at a system level. For Mac you can try this out choosing the parametric EQ option and entering the filters by hand. If you are a Linux user and the chops to prove it, this is a good solution for System Wide DSP.

ELAC B5-2 - 4/19/2019

Treble just need to be turned down 1.5dB to be brought into absurd levels of accuracy at +-1dB.

Bass needed total reconstruction. 9dB boost to get flat to 50Hz, which is my minimum requirement for speakers without subwoofers. The cut at 140Hz removes what is probably an artifact of the woofer being in too small of a box. The boost at 240Hz finishes off the flattening of the bass response, but can be ignored or turned down if there is a muffling of vocals which can happen with close boundary placement. Click the image to download the correction file.

Give feedback on this correction here at the noaudiophile subreddit

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