Monoprice 6.5" 2 way Bookshelf

Cat was so disgusted with these that she refused take the photo.


Woofer is plastic with what looks like flux drops from soldering covering the surface of cone.

1/2 inch textile dome with a massive diffuser covering the majority of the tweeter.

Yep, that's gonna be a problem, that port is 2 inch diameter. It would need to be longer than the box to tune properly, but it's only 2 inches long.

Trim ring rattles, so quick mod to improve things is to remove it.

Another quality crossover job... This uses the same cap as the Dayton B652.

Push tab terminals, these randomly work, just keep trying until you get sound. Also has a little polyfill blanket inside.


I could not make heads or tails of these things listening to them, they just sounded wrong.. so went to measurements without any listening notes other than the port is retarded, and they sound like scrambled shit.

The Couch

Couch response Annotated with my thoughts

couch measurement with socks plugging the ports

Near field measurement

Near field measurement with socks

Final Thoughts:

These speakers suck, and you should not buy them.

Check out the system finder to see what I recommend.

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